This is the official website of Kosi, also known as The Sublime Miss Kosi, Kosi Gyebi, Kosi Gyebi Sorensen, Akosua Gyebi, and Akosua Gyebi Sorensen. She is a singer, vocalist, singer-songwriter, and arranger in jazz, r&b, blues, and rock music.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Jul22 Ninth Mic
at Khi & Eli's Food For The Soul
Springfield, MA
7:00pm | more info...
Thu, Aug10 Sam's Pizzeria and Cafe
Northampton, MA
6:00pm | more info...
Sat, Aug12 Ladies Night w Ivamae and Meku
at Light Club Lamp Shop
Burlington, VT
7:30pm | more info...
Thu, Sep14 Cornerstone Coffeehouse
Camp Hill, PA
6:00pm | more info...
Lancaster, PA
6:30pm | more info...
Sat, Sep16 Avenue 209 Coffee House
Lock Haven, PA
7:00pm | more info...
Mon, Sep18 AcoustiCafe Open Stage
at Mr. Smalls Theatre & Funhouse
Pittsburgh, PA
7:00pm | more info...
Tue, Sep19 Calliope Songwriter Open Stage
at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
Pittsburgh, PA
9:00pm | more info...
Mon, Sep25 Open Mic
at Teavolve
Baltimore, MD
7:00pm | more info...
Tue, Sep26 Open Mic
at Villain & Saint
Bethesda, MD
7:00pm | more info...

Past Events

Jul 2 –
International African Arts Festival with Weez the People at Commodore Barry Park Baseball Field, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 30 –
Black Music Month Celebration at Cozy Cafe, Springfield, MA
Jun 29 –
Radio appearance, Springfield, MA
Jun 24 –
The Goddess Lakshmi Live Album release party at The Harlem Flophouse, New York, NY
May 21 –
Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
May 19 –
The Root Cellar, Greenfield, MA
May 16 –
Theodore's BBQ, Springfield, MA
May 16 –
Radio interview at WTCC, Springfield, MA
May 12 –
The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT
May 11 –
Sam's Pizzeria and Cafe, Northampton, MA
May 1 –
Radio interview on WTCC at WTCC, Springfield, MA
Apr 30 –
Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA
Apr 28 –
Teavolve, Baltimore, MD
Apr 27 –
Acoustic Thursdays at Peace & A Cup of Joe, Baltimore, MD
Apr 25 –
Calliope Songwriter Open Stage at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 24 –
AcoustiCafe Open Stage at Mr. Smalls Theatre & Funhouse, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 24 –
Radio appearance at The River's Edge Radio Network, Millvale, PA
Apr 22 –
Avenue 209 Coffee House, Lock Haven, PA
Apr 21 –
The Midtown Scholar Bookstore, Harrisburg, PA
Apr 20 –
Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Camp Hill, PA

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