This is the official website of Kosi's tribute to Abbey Lincoln, also known as Aminata Moseka, and Anne Marie Wooldridge. She is a singer of jazz music, vocalist, jazz singer-songwriter, actress, civil rights activist, and feminist. Akosua Gyebi honors her life through music and poetry in her theater performance called Ghosts Appearing through the Sound.

Ghosts Appearing through the Sound: an Abbey Lincoln tribute

Celebrating the life, the philosophy, the music, and the magic of Abbey Lincoln: jazz singer-songwriter, actress, civil rights activist, and outspoken black woman, with an evening of music, poetry, and dance.

Celebrate jazz herstory with us!

Kosi - vocals
Carmen Carriker - dance/choreography

Now playing in New York.

New York: Ghosts Appearing through the Sound: An Abbey Lincoln Tribute
WOW Cafe Theater
59-61 E4th street, New York, NY




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All About Jazz | Ghosts Appearing through the Sound:

The level of commitment and stamina required to perform these songs is nothing to balk at, as I’ve witnessed firsthand when seeing Kosi perform them live, and she handles each with a sense of total self.

– Tyran Grillo, Apr 27, 2016

Black Grooves | Ghosts Appearing through the Sound:

The difficulty of effectively performing this repertoire is likely one reason there aren’t many tribute albums dedicated to Lincoln’s music. […] It is impossible to duplicate Lincoln’s delivery and quite difficult to set up a compelling original interpretation of much of this material.

by Matthew Alley on Jan 4, 2016

All About Jazz | Kosi at The Way Station:

Kosi has devalued the phrase “unsung hero” by being a valuable heroine of song. The New York-based singer-songwriter has dropped three albums so far in her fiercely independent career. Between the intimate guitar-accompanied One More Cup of Coffee and her full band follow-up Pictures of Us, she had already described a lifetime’s worth of ups and downs for the self-reflective listener. In anticipation of her latest album, Ghosts Appearing Through the Sound, she floated some of the Abbey Lincoln songs that are the subject of its timely tribute.

by Tyran Grillo, October 11, 2015

Concert Review: Ghosts Appearing Through the Sound – Kosi’s Tribute to Abbey Lincoln Enters the Post Abbey Lincoln Era of Jazz:

Kosi knows how to make the music stand on its own; regardless if she’s in a large production on a large stage, or sitting in a chair singing and playing her guitar in a coffee shop. This night, she took you step by step through the history of a people. Her vision succeeded in not only a description and demonstration, but an actual and real visceral experience of an important part of African American culture.

Review by Dawoud Kringle, Oct 7, 2015

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